If you are passionate about trips, you will know that the planning It is key to enjoying the adventure without unbalancing your budget and damaging your pocket. Even more so now that the prices of hotels and flights have become very expensive in Spain and the rest of Europe.

For example, according to the hotel management platform RoomRaccoon, the average rate in January 2024 has been around 118 euros compared to the 85 euros registered in January of last year in independent hotels. For its part, Aena is studying a 4% increase in airfares from March 1, 2024. This would lead to an increase in the price of most plane tickets for that year.

Spain leads the ranking as the best country to travel by road: these are the best routes

Spain is the best country for road trips, according to a ranking: where is Spanish Route 66

Therefore, it is very convenient to take into account these Tips to reduce the cost of the trip as much as possible. Thus, every detail counts: from the choice of destination to the way you manage your daily expenses. These are 15 tricks to travel cheaply and optimize your budget recommended by financial experts from around the world. BBVA and N26from booking flights to choosing accommodation and food.

1. Set a daily budget

Divide your total budget by the days you will be traveling. Setting a daily spending limit, whether including lodging and transportation or separating them, will help you maintain financial control and enjoy your worry-free experience more.

View of Ujué, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

Discover one of the most beautiful towns: an incredible sanctuary-fortress at the top of a mountain range and beautiful stone houses

2. Avoid commissions

Withdrawing cash abroad can be expensive due to the Bank fees. Choose to withdraw larger amounts in a few transactions or open an account in a bank without international fees. Protect your devices with insurance to guarantee peace of mind.

3. Avoid changing money at the airport

Exchange currency outside the airport to avoid higher fees. Plan and carry money exchanged from your place of origin or use local exchange houses to avoid abusive commissions.

Several tourists wait sitting with their suitcases at Palma Airport (Balearic Islands).
Several tourists wait sitting with their suitcases at Palma Airport (Balearic Islands).
Isaac Buj – Europa Press – Archive

4. Use flight search engines

Use search engines like Google Flights to compare prices and receive alerts. Consider flying at off-peak times, with layovers, or in low season for cheaper fares.

5. Don’t bring too much luggage

Choose to travel light to avoid additional airline charges.

Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

The most beautiful route in Paradores: enjoy these impressive World Heritage cities

6. Save on accommodation

Explore options like hostels, camping or couchsurfing. Seeks discounts on booking platforms and take advantage influencer codes specialized in travel.

7. Eat cheaply but deliciously

Explore supermarkets to try local food at affordable prices. Street food is an authentic and affordable option. You can use Google Maps to find cheap restaurants with good reviews.

Tourists with a guide showing them the Colosseum in Rome.
Tourists with a guide showing them the Colosseum in Rome.
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8. Discover free activities

Research free activities and attractions in each destination. Consider tourist cards that offer discounts on various attractions.

9. Move while spending little

Use public transportation, rent a bike, or explore on foot. Find out about travel cards to access discounts on public transport.

10. Avoid roaming

Turn off mobile data and use public Wi-Fi networks to communicate. Avoid roaming fees calling by phone only when necessary.

11. Look for tickets on low-cost airlines

Explore options like Iberia Express, EasyJet, Ryanair and Vueling for cheap flights between European countries.

Iberia Express flight, in a file photo.
Iberia Express flight, in a file photo.

12. Cheap accommodation options

Use platforms like Airbnb, Hostelworld and Booking to find accommodation at affordable prices.

13. Explore the city on foot or with free walking tours

Explore cities on foot with offline maps or join free tours with local guides.

14. Travel by train through Europe

The Eurail Pass offers access to train networks in multiple European destinations. Buy tickets in advance to get deals.

15. Choose the low season

Traveling in the low season reduces costs and allows you to enjoy less crowded destinations.

With these 15 tricks, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without sacrificing your budget. Remember that smart planning is the key to travel cheap and make every adventure unforgettable.

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