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A former director of Globalia assures that Javier Hidalgo “had a direct line” with Begoña Gómez

The former director of Wakalua (a subsidiary of Globalia), Leticia Lauffer, has claimed to have evidence of at least six meetings between Begoña Gómez and Javier Hidalgo between 2019 and 2020, all of them prior to the granting of the state bailout of Air Europa. (Air Europa: the relationship between Hidalgo and Begoña that the UCO forgets).

In his appearance at the Senate investigation commission on the ‘Koldo case’, he acknowledged that the former CEO of Globalia “had a direct relationship” with the wife of the President of the Government, “just like me,” reports El Confidencial.

However, she explains that in the meetings between Javier Hidalgo and Begoña Gómez that she managed, “innovation projects” were discussed. “For other issues, if there were any, because I don’t know about them, he would manage them directly,” she continues, stating that the meetings had “nothing to do with the rescue.” “And if they have had it, I have not been present,” she says (Globalia recognizes the secret meetings of Javier Hidalgo and Begoña Gómez).

Lauffer has also confirmed that Sánchez’s wife met with one of the alleged ringleaders of the Koldo plot, Víctor de Aldama, in a hotel in Saint Petersburg on the occasion of a summit of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

It should be remembered that Wakalua signed a sponsorship agreement with the IE Foundation in January 2020 for an amount of 40,000 euros per year for the IE Africa Center in Begoña Gómez. However, the pandemic “stopped everything”, limiting the relationship to the payment of two plane tickets to London for the president’s wife for an amount of 1,716 euros.

Source: Preferente



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