One of the key moments in a flight, along with landing, is the takeoff. Not only because of its importance, but because it is the moment in which we most notice the movement of the plane in our body.

But what is really happening? An airplane pilot, Jimmy Nicholsonhas used a video from the Chinese social network TikTok to explain what is behind that peculiar sensation we feel when the plane goes from the ground to the air.

“Airplanes that lose altitude on takeoff: Why does it feel like the plane is falling?“, asks the pilot in his video. The first thing he explains is that this is not really the case.

The first thing the plane does is gain speed in order to take off. The plane then exits at a fairly high angle and also a high thrust setting. “This is because We want to get up as quickly as possible,” says Nicholson.

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Then two key moments arrive, where people are startled: “The first stage is when we are at a safe altitude, which is that we are above the terrain and we have made the noise reduction procedure. There the thrust will be reduced and you will feel that sensation for the first time,” says the pilot.

“The second point where you might feel like the plane is falling is when we clean the plane. The reason planes take off with flaps and slats is for increase the air surface of the wing, thus increasing lift and reducing our takeoff run,” he adds.

When a safe height has been reached, the flaps and the slats they fold. “There it may look like the plane is falling out of the sky upon takeoff, but rest assured it is not. The pilots are simply changing the configuration of the plane to adapt it to that particular takeoff“he concludes.