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Ábalos, Hidalgo, Armengol, Koldo, Begoña… What can go wrong?

There are five people who have been on the front pages of newspapers and television images this week, amid suspicions of taking advantage of public money to enrich the privileged few. Their names are José Luis Ábalos, Juan José Hidalgo, Francina Armengol, Koldo García and Begoña Sánchez. They frequently coincide in proclaiming themselves as “victims”, although the current focus on them is not an isolated event, but rather few scandals have been linked to them (Sanchez’s wife often received Hidalgo Jr. and the commission agent).

José Luis Ábalos, first of all, a founding member of the ‘Peugeot gang’ from which Pedro Sánchez regained the leadership of the PSOE, had his first major controversy in 2020 due to the strange way he met on a plane with the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez. Subsequently, he has been accused of being an “intermediary” of a plot that profited from large commissions selling masks, and that was led by his faithful Koldo García or Víctor de Aldama, to which the former minister responded by pointing out Santos Cerdán or Francina Armengol . In addition, attention was drawn to the privilege with which it granted the rescue to Air Europa in terms of its amount, the largest in history, and its speed, despite being convicted of the largest fraud ever recorded to the State for the discount scam. of residents (The Koldo plot negotiated the state rescue of Air Europa).

Juan José Hidalgo, for his part, has also been presenting himself as harmed by the fact that the political powers have never helped him. While some of its competitors have gone bankrupt, such as Orizonia, Marsans or Spanair, its Globalia group has enjoyed the closest relations with successive Ministers of Development or Transport, including direct access to Presidents of the Government, despite having suffered the greatest public fines of different types.

Francina Armengol, for her part, also represents one of the political personalities with the most scandals that have accompanied her career. One of her most famous was that of the Hat Bar, in which she violated the measures that forced the rest of the citizens not to go out at dawn. Her reaction was initially to deny it, and after her lie, there was a suspicious disappearance of the police report that had discovered her drinking. In addition, she hid the fact that minors under guardianship were prostituting themselves, at the same time that she authorized a blocked hotel in which her then partner Joan Nadal, owner of the company Jardins de Tramuntana, had interests. The former Balearic president also reserved a luxury penthouse in the center of Palma of 1,700 square meters for a quarter of its market value, which she ended up giving up after her intention was made public. She was stubborn with the Civil War, she has also been affected by the Puertos case, due to her relationship to the multiple irregularities in the concession of the Ibiza Yacht Club. The most recent focus has been for not requesting the return of 2.6 million euros for defective masks until three years later at the center of the Koldo case plot. And during her mandate in the Archipelago, she was criticized for imposing Catalan on doctors even at the cost of accentuating the lack of doctors who saved lives, or for promoting a housing accommodation model that expelled locals from accessing a house, which that deteriorated the local identity, due to tourist overcrowding, and the arrival of foreign immigration as labor, instead of the traditional one from the rest of Spain.

Regarding Koldo García, his profile with a past as an escort was questioned to appear on boards such as Renfe Mercancías, while the style of his circle also sounded strange.

Begoña Gómez, finally, appears as another of the keys to the collusion that is becoming known between private companies and public money, in her role as wife of the president who has sought the most notoriety of all the couples who have inhabited the Moncloa Palace. This character was used by some to achieve greater closeness with the heads of the Executive, under the umbrella of a shared interest in improving the planet, giving lessons on sustainability, inclusivity, millennium goals, feminism or social transformations, among financing from those more profit motive they demonstrate.

Thus, this quintet is part of a serial that during this past week has starred in public life, by virtue of its enormous power to direct public funds, the political course, the privileges of the market, the moral patterns of coexistence, and the practices between the relations of authorities with the private sector. Therefore, with its respective history, it has not been a surprise to many that something could have failed, as has become known these days.

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