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Aena will raise rates again despite its historical benefits

The year 2025 could see an increase in airport taxes in Spain again. At least that is what Aena intends, which has forwarded to the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) a proposal for an increase of 0.54%, which would mean about ten cents per passenger (Aena boasts of margins while squeezing the airlines).

According to El Economista, the manager has applied the formula established in Royal Decree 162/2019. This includes points such as personnel costs, services provided by airports, such as security, cleaning, air navigation, energy, conservation, or taxes, among others.

At the moment, the proposal has received the approval of the CNMC, and is waiting for it to reach the Council of Ministers for approval. It would be the second consecutive increase after the pandemic, since last year the rates increased above 4% (Aena gets its way: airport taxes will rise more than four points).

With complete certainty, the movement will once again have the opposition of the airlines, which already showed their deep rejection in 2023 due to the effect it would have on prices, and due to the “many uncertainties” still in force. Ryanair was one of the most critical, even threatening to reduce its investment in Spain.

Furthermore, Aena continues to squeeze the airlines despite having achieved historic results. As Preferente published, it closed the 2023 financial year with profits of 1,630.8 million and an Ebitda margin of 58.8%. And, if that were not enough, it plans to exceed 300 million passengers in 2025, which would translate into an increase in revenue of up to 48% by 2026 compared to before the pandemic.

Source: Preferente



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