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Aena’s mistreatment of the Canary Islands that penalizes Binter and Canaryfly

Canary Islands Coalition urges the Government to eliminate the AFIS landing system from the control towers of the La Gomera and El Hierro airports, and replace it with the ATC system. In the first it is used only on weekends, but in the second it is used every day.

The island training states that “AFIS has many operational limitations and complicates operations,” since “it increases the workload of controllers, causes delays to air traffic and increases fuel consumption.” Likewise, it directly hits the operating costs of companies, especially Binter and Canaryfly.

This system is usually used in airports that do not usually absorb a lot of traffic. However, La Gomera and El Hierro have already grown significantly, going from 32,488 and 170,968 passengers in 2010, to 113,318 and 301,241 in the last year 2023, respectively.

Canarian Coalition indicates that “with ATC, as an example, and for El Hierro, 3 operations can be carried out in 9 minutes. With the AFIS system it can take 21 minutes to perform a single operation.”

To move forward in this sense, the political group has registered two questions in the Congress of Deputies to ask for explanations. Likewise, he charges against Aena’s passivity, pointing out that despite earning “1.6 billion euros, it returns less than necessary” to the Canarian airports.

“It is only putting personnel with ATC category. We are talking about very little money. Airports on the peninsula with fewer operations/passengers have ATC while El Hierro and La Gomera are punished with AFIS,” he concludes.

Source: Preferente



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