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Against the grain: Ryanair stops flying to Tel Aviv due to its cost

After four months, Ryanair began flying to Tel Aviv again on February 1, like many other airlines. But it no longer does so to terminal 1 but to terminal 3, imposed by the airport (The intra-history of Air Europa’s return to a country at war).

Everything is normal until then, except that terminal 3 is much more expensive. Ryanair said it has no problems operating there, but with the terminal 1 rates. That has not been possible and hence the decision.

“We have been working with Ben Gurion Airport to get back to flying,” said Eddie Wilson, the airline’s CEO. “But the airport refuses to reopen terminal 1 where Ryanair normally operates.” The airport, as it has fewer flights than before, tries to concentrate the operation on 3. Ryanair accepts, but does not want to pay the prices.

Wilson indicated that “we cannot pay those prices nor ask our passengers to do so. If Ben Gurion does not open Terminal 1, we will not be able to continue flying.”

The airline confirmed the abandonment of this airport, which coincides with its lack of planes for this summer. The date of the suspension of flights, which is imminent, has not been confirmed.

Source: Preferente



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