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Air Europa: Begoña Gómez is under investigation for influence peddling

Judge Juan Carlos Peinado attributed Begoña Gómez the status of being investigated from the first moment he opened proceedings following the complaint filed by Manos Médicas, in which the wife of the President of the Government was accused of alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in the private sector (Air Europa: the judge investigating Sánchez’s wife lifts the secrecy of the summary).

Gómez’s defense maintains that, although the case appears as investigated, she does not formally have that status because she has not been summoned to testify and her rights have not been read, reports La Sexta.

The attribution of the status of being investigated is included in the order issued on April 16 by the head of the Court of Instruction No. 41 of Madrid. Seven days later, Pedro Sánchez began a period of reflection, including the suspension of his agenda, due to “the attacks and hoaxes” against his wife.

At the time of its announcement, which was made public through a public letter, the procedural status of Begoña Gómez was not known because the case was under summary secrecy. As published Preferentialthe magistrate lifted this Monday, May 27, the secrecy of the case after the leak of the report from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard.

Despite the content of said report, Judge Pedo has decided to continue with the investigation. What’s more, after its leak he called six more people to testify as witnesses, including Juan Carlos Barrabés, Begoña’s master’s classmate who was awarded aid from the public entity Red.es after having received a letter of recommendation from his wife. of the President of the Government (Air Europa: the judge refuses to close the investigation into Sánchez’s wife).

He also requested the help of the General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE) to analyze whether any irregularity was committed in the state bailout of 475 million euros granted to Air Europa. The reason is that the million-dollar aid was approved by the Council of Ministers months after Sánchez’s wife held at least two private meetings with the then CEO of Air Europa’s parent company (Globalia), Javier Hidalgo.

Source: Preferente



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