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Air Europa fleet plan on the verge of its integration into Iberia

Air Europa faces its integration into Iberia at a sweet moment. Although it still carries a high debt contracted during the pandemic, the Globalia company closed 2023 with a historic profit of 165 million euros, a figure that it plans to surpass in 2024 (Air Europa: great start to the year after a “historic” 2023).

Regarding the fleet, Iberia will incorporate an approximate number of 60 aircraft with the purchase operation of its still rival, subject solely and exclusively to the opinion of the General Directorate of Competition of the European Union (Air Europa is not satisfied with 50 planes: this is your fleet plan).

Currently, Air Europa has 54 aircraft, with only two models, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for long haul and the 737 for short and medium haul.

In the remainder of the year, it expects to continue expanding its fleet, adding a total of four 787 Dreamliners and some other 737 units. Its aim is to reach the beginning of 2025, when it is expected to be integrated into IAG, with a fleet of approximately 60 units, slightly below the pre-pandemic figures, when it peaked at 62 aircraft.

Air Europa will face its integration with a 100% Boeing fleet, when just a few years ago it was made up of a great diversity of models from four different manufacturers, with A330, B787, B737, E195 and ATR.

Iberia, for its part, is Airbus’s largest customer in Spain, with the exception of Air Nostrum, which operates with CRJ-200/1000 and ATR72-600. The rest are A350, A330, A321, A320, A320neo, A320ceo and A319. The Iberia group currently has 166 aircraft, of which 95 belong to Iberia, 46 to Air Nostrum and the remaining 25 to Iberia Express (Iberia receives the penultimate A350 of its order from Airbus).

That is to say, between the Iberia group and Air Europa they currently have a fleet of 220, a number that will increase slightly between now and the end of the year with the new additions planned by both, among which is the new Airbus jewel, the A321XLR. (Iberia reveals its plans with the A321XLR, the new Airbus jewel).

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