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Air Europa strengthens routes to Africa with Kenya Airways

Air Europe has signed a codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways which will strengthen its reach on the African continent. With the option of reaching Nairobi via Amsterdam, the airline adds one more route to the other two destinations where it operates in Africa in summer: Marrakech and Tunisia.

The alliance with Kenya Airways It will facilitate connections between Europe and other regional destinations, and vice versa. In fact, the African company will also deploy its codes on four Air Europa routes, specifically those that link Madrid with Amsterdam, Palma de Mallorca, New York and Miami, respectively.

An agreement with which it will be possible travel with a single ticket to Nairobi and as Estelle Leray, Director of Alliances at Air Europa, highlights, “it allows us to considerably expand our reach in a region with increasing demand, which will undoubtedly result in great advantages for our customers.”

The codeshare agreement with Kenya Airways brings the African continent closer to Air Europa passengers. Source: Unplash.

A wide network of shared agreements

This agreement responds to Air Europa’s code-sharing strategy that has been strengthened since 2022. Currently, the airline has this type of alliances with all the companies in the SkyTeam alliance with which it shares an airport, which allows you to offer a network of more than a hundred destinations in more than 35 countries.

It should be noted that, during 2023, the number of passengers who flew with the company under this system grew by 8% compared to 2022.

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