From the February 1 to March 1 the company air France celebrates in Madrid its 90 years of history with a route specially designed for the occasion with nine emblematic stops that will allow you to live experiences related to fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy and culture, so linked to the history of this airline company. In some of these experiences, the company raffles off free flights to Paris and gives discounts on flights to those who participate in the route. acquiring some of the products linked to this “journey”.

At one of the stops on this route, Air France is raffling off a “golden ticket” redeemable for a flight to Paris for two people.

Exhibition of historical Air France uniforms at the Canalejas Gallery in Madrid.
Exhibition of historical Air France uniforms at the Canalejas Gallery in Madrid.
Sergio Cardena

The nine stops

The route includes a tour of Canalejas Gallery (exhibition of historical uniforms), Modus Operandi Gallery (exhibition of old posters), Longchamp (dedicated space and gifts for the purchase of travel items), restaurant Robuchon Madrid (reissue of the La Première menu), House Kaiser (special edition of the “crubo”), Training (anniversary cheese selection), The Wine Shop (Air France Business Class wine selection), perfumery The Secret of the Marais (gift of a scented ceramic) and Renoir Cinemas (French film series).

The number one spot goes to the French capital.  There were 19.4 million tourists in 2022, who enjoyed the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or Parisian cafes and restaurants.

What is the best time to travel to Paris: what to see and do in two days

First Class Service on Air France in the 60s.
First Class Service on Air France in the 60s.
©Collection Musée Air France

The “golden ticket”

In the Canalejas Gallery the visitor will be able to explore the history of the company through the close relationship it has with fashion. In the shop Longchamp on Serrano Street, 56, for the purchase of any travel item from this brand, visitors will receive the poster created by Jorge Arévalo for the route; one of these sheets hides a “golden ticket” redeemable for a flight to Paris with Air France for two people. Longchamp customers will also receive a discount code for your future trips with Air France through the web Likewise, during the month of February, the French airline offers customers of the Le Secret du Marais perfumery on Hortaleza Street, 75, a code 10% discount when purchasing tickets through the same website.

In several establishments on the Madrid route, the French airline is giving away a 10% discount code on the purchase of plane tickets

1935 photo of the first
Photo from 1935 of the world’s first “steward”, Lucien Boudet, descending from a Wibault Penhoët 283 T12.
air France

Instagram Award

Also the clients of Training (Plaza de Chamberí, 9) and The Wine Shop (Galería Canalejas) and those who attend the film series in cinemas Renoir (calle de la Princesa, 3), which will screen French films on the 8th (“Rosalie” preview), February 15, 22 and 29, you will receive a discount code to redeem on the airline’s website. And those who follow the Instagram account of the Maison Kaiser bakery chain and post a message saying with whom you would share your famous “crubo” and a trip to Paris, you will participate in a raffle for two tickets to Paris with Air France.

Tourist in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

A luxury route in the City of Light through its most emblematic places and shops

Stewardess in a Christian Dior winter suit.
Stewardess in a Christian Dior winter suit.
air France

That “I don’t know what” that is recognized as French

“Since its creation the October 7, 1933, Air France promotes French excellence, that “je ne sais quoi” that the world recognizes as French. Le Voyage by Air France is the celebration of 90 years of elegance, haute couture, design, art, travel and gastronomy from the perspective of a city like Madrid that has so much to offer. “We want this route to become an experiential journey for everyone who enters it,” he declared. Laurent Perrier, general director of Air France-KLM for Spain and Portugal.

Aerial view of The Green Venice of France.

The Green Venice in the region of France where the Puy du Fou park was born

Poster of
Poster for “Le Voyage by Air France” made by Jorge Arévalo.
air France

Collaboration with Jorge Arévalo

Air France has collaborated throughout its history with great names in art and design French and international. From the interior design of the planes and their VIP rooms to their advertising campaigns. On its route through Madrid, Air France has had the Spanish illustrator Jorge Arévalo to capture his vision of the route through a sign which will be displayed in the Modus Operandi Gallery. In addition, Arévalo has made different illustrations that can be seen throughout the route, from the vinyl for the shop windows to the packaging of the products.

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