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Airbus reassures after US alerts on the A321XLR

Airbus reassures about the commissioning of its new jewel, the brand new A321XLR, a model with which it aspires to revolutionize long-haul flights. The manufacturer responds to the doubts that the central tank located under the passenger seats has raised in the United States Civil Aviation (FAA) (the US questions the safety of the A321XLR and delays its production).

Specifically, it highlights that, following the requirements of the authorities, a new material has been introduced to increase the protection of the lower fuel tank, anticipating “specific crash scenarios, such as a belly landing.”

For the manufacturer, this measure is sufficient to guarantee the safety of passengers. He thus hopes to obtain the approval of the FAA, which a matter of weeks ago made public its fear that, in the event of a collision, the survival of the occupants would be more remote. The United States therefore requested evidence that the A321XLR can maintain an acceptable level of risk, at least for five minutes, to allow evacuation.

Despite this setback, Airbus states that “the certification campaign and flight testing of the A321XLR is now in its final phase.” “We are focused on ensuring that early operators have everything they need in terms of airworthiness compliance and operational support on day one, especially including technical documentation and strategic spare parts, as well as expert support in situ to allow airlines smooth operations.”

As published Preferential, Iberia will be the first company to incorporate the new Airbus jewel. If everything goes as planned, you will receive the first of the eight units purchased after the summer. The first long-haul route that this aircraft will operate in the next winter season will likely be Washington, which confirms Iberia’s commitment to the North American market. Then it will be Boston’s turn (Iberia reveals its plans with the A321XLR, the new Airbus jewel).

The A321XLR will have 182 seats in business and economy cabin configurations, and will include various improvements that offer greater comfort to customers. The plane will have 8,700 kilometers of autonomy, 15% more than the A321LR, allowing it to cover transatlantic routes with great fuel savings.

Source: Preferente



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