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Airlines turn to Airbus’ new jewel, the A321XLR

Great reception for the aircraft with which Airbus intends to revolutionize long-haul flights. According to information provided by the manufacturer to Preferentialorders for the model that is still in the testing phase are approaching the figure of 600 (Key step for Airbus to accelerate with its new jewel, the A321XLR).

More than 25 airlines have submitted purchase requests to the group with the aim of incorporating the A321XLR, which stands out for having the longest range ever seen for a single-aisle aircraft.

Iberia is on the list of airlines that will reinforce its fleet with the new Airbus model. “In the second half of 2024, the first aircraft of the order for eight units of the A321XLR that IAG placed for Iberia in 2019 is scheduled to enter into operation,” the airline detailed to this newspaper (Iberia’s plans with the new jewel of Airbus, the A321XLR).

With 8,700 kilometers of autonomy, the A321XLR will surpass its brother, the A321LR, by 15%, allowing transatlantic routes to be covered with great fuel savings compared to wide-body aircraft such as the A350 and A380. With capacity for 220 passengers in a two-class configuration, it will have capacity for up to 13,100 additional liters of fuel.

If there are no last-minute setbacks, the A321XLR will enter service in the second half of 2024. To achieve this, it will have to first convince the aviation authorities in charge of its certification. Both the United States (FAA) and Europe (EASA) have requested the modification of the central rear fuel tank to minimize the risk of fire in the event of a crash, although Airbus hopes to have the “yes” of both before the date set for the premiere (Airbus delays the delivery of the first A321XLR a little further).

Source: Preferente



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