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Almeida, on the reappearance of Begoña and Sánchez: “Did they arrive by Falcón or with Air Europa?”

In a large event held by the PP in Madrid, which Feijóo and Ayuso also attended, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez Almeida, spoke about the relationship between the wife of the President of the Government, Begoña Gómez, and the airline company. of the Hidalgo family.

Specifically, he has spoken about his reappearance alongside Pedro Sánchez at a PSOE event that took place in Benalmádena. Almeida affirms that “I only have one question left: how did the presidential couple get to Malaga, on the Falcon or with Air Europa?”

For the mayor, there are a series of “proven facts” for which Begoña Gómez is being investigated, considering that the President of the Government “must resign.” She wonders, for example, if “it is not proven that she, without being a graduate, has obtained an extraordinary professorship at the Complutense” or that she “has obtained funds from companies that are under the supervision and regulation of her husband. she”.

Almeida also accuses Sánchez of having allowed all these actions. “Is there anyone who thinks that the President of the Government did not know what Begoña Gómez was doing? It’s hard for me to think about it, honestly,” he concludes.

The president’s wife attended a PSOE rally in Benalmádena one day after her summons to the judge for alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in the private sector became known.

Source: Preferente



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