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Amadeus once again exceeds the 1 billion euros it earned before the pandemic

The technology company earned 1,052 million, 68.5% more annually, and is approaching the all-time high in turnover with revenues of 5,441 million euros

Amadeus offices in Nice, France.

The recovery of tourism has been soothing for Amadeus. The technology company, specialized in global reservation systems for airlines and hotels, has returned to pre-pandemic levels in both billing and results. Amadeus closed 2023 with revenues of 5,441 million euroswhich represented an increase of 21.3% compared to 2022 and was just 129 million euros away from the record figure reached in 2019 (5,570 million euros). The company obtained a net result of 1,052 million, which represents the return to the group of technology companies that surpass the barrier of 1,000 million profita level that he left in 2019, when he earned 1,113 million euros.

Luis Maroto, CEO of Amadeus, gave a very positive assessment of the results. “In 2023, Amadeus experienced strong growth, increased profitability and recorded high cash flow generation. This has allowed us not only to recover the ordinary remuneration to the shareholder, but also announce share buyback programs that, in total, amounted to more than €1 billion in 2023″he said in a statement. Maroto influenced the strategy of growing both in markets and in clients. “Proof of this is the recent announcement of the operation to acquire a leading provider of biometric solutions for airports, airlines and border controls,” he stressed.

The good results of Amadeus will be reflected in the pockets of shareholders. The Board of Directors of the technology company agreed last December set at 50% the percentage of profits to be distributed against the 2023 results. Thus, on January 18, a dividend was paid against the 2023 accounts of 0.44 euros for a total amount of 193.4 million. The company advances in its results report that at the general meeting scheduled in June, the Board will submit for shareholder approval a total full dividend of 1.24 euros per share, which represents 50% of the reported profit. Consequently, The proposal for the application of the 2023 results establishes the distribution of a total of 558.6 million euros as a dividend charged to the 2023 financial year.

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