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Armengol and Globalia: no matter who falls and zero tolerance against corruption?

President Pedro Sánchez said less than a week ago that he would have zero tolerance against corruption, that whoever does it pays, no matter who falls, with these literal expressions, in reference to one of his strongest supporters until then, the former minister. José Luis Ábalos, also former Secretary of Organization of the PSOE.

The socialist party, faced with information that linked Ábalos to a plot led by his advisor Koldo García to profit from the commissions on the sale of masks during the pandemic, demanded that he resign his seat as a deputy and opened a disciplinary file against him for refusing to do so and at the same time provisionally suspending him from militancy.

Ábalos, later, in reference to the case, has declared that he sees a “scam” in the contracts of the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, and differentiates them from his own, among which evidence has also emerged about the contracts of the public administration with Globalia. .

Thus, the wave of requests for the resignation of Francina Armengol seem to move away from what Sánchez proclaimed about zero tolerance against corruption, whoever does it pays, whoever falls, since the head of the Executive and his formation are not applying the same bar for the former president of the Balearic Islands.

Source: Preferente



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