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Boeing presents its quality control plan to the FAA

After months of working in depth, Boeing has presented to the American Civil Aviation (FAA) its plan to recover quality controls in manufacturing. This plan had been required by the FAA after an Alaska Airlines plane lost its emergency door after departing from the Portland airport in Oregon on January 5. Boeing had asked for 90 days to develop a roadmap towards standardizing its quality (Boeing appoints a military officer for quality control).

“This is a guide to the new way that Boeing will manufacture its airplanes,” said Mike Whitaker, the FAA administrator in charge of the matter, after meeting with Dave Calhoun, the acting head of Boeing, who is pending be replaced in office. “Now Boeing has to execute this roadmap,” he added.

American society has been surprised to see day after day, especially thanks to the ‘snitches’, that Boeing had practically no quality controls. In the case of the Alaska Airlines plane, a defect in the door was corrected, but no one refastened it as it touched the fuselage, which is an indicator of an absolute lack of procedures. In other cases, records of what was done on each plane before its delivery did not exist or were lost (There are still ten more Boeing snitches, after two deaths).

Some customers admit that when they receive a Boeing airplane they have to check everything because they often find even forgotten tools, which points to the internal chaos with which airplanes are produced.

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