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Boeing: the ten airlines most affected by its crisis

Airlines plan their operations in advance and to do so they have the airplanes they have purchased. Those who have opted for Airbus have some delays, but those who bought the B737Max are suffering unspeakably due to the disastrous course of events at Boeing after the two catastrophes of that plane and the loss of the Alaska Airlines door (Boeing ‘burned’ 4,000 million in three months for the 737 Max).

Aer Cap, a company that rents its planes, is one of those affected. Expect 118 units of the B737Max. Their problem is not serious for the passengers, but it is for the company, which makes a living by renting planes that it does not now have.

American expects 156 B737Max, in addition to some units of other models. The airline is desperate for growth, but it has to be content with what it has.

The third, in increasing order, is the Vietnamese VietJet, which expects 200 B737Max, one hundred on order in 2016 and one hundred in 2018.

Air India purchased 170 B737Max, and others of different models. You have a long wait ahead of you.

Also in India, Akasa acquired 202 Max model aircraft, which, of course, does not know when it will receive. Here the problem is serious because Akasa had an opportunity that does not always present itself and did not buy the planes to renew its fleet.

Our Ryanair (ours because we have it in our airports) is still waiting for 211 Max. He is receiving, but little by little (The Boeing crisis hits Ryanair again).

The case of Lion Air is more serious because it is the company to which the first 737Max crashed and to which they have yet to deliver another 229 aircraft of this model.

Emirates does not stop complaining about Boeing. It is not expecting any 737 but must receive the 777X that have not yet been certified, in part due to the internal chaos that the manufacturer is experiencing. No less than 205 of these planes are missing.

Southwest, a historic customer of Boeing and only Boeing, expects no less than 482 B737Max that it has no idea when it will receive.

And, finally, United Airlines, which expects 497 Boeing aircraft, of which there are various models, including Max and also 787.

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