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Chaos in El Prat due to storms and the blocking of a runway


It was a very complicated day yesterday at the Barcelona airport. Throughout the morning there were “important security delays” due to the strong storms that hit the Catalan coast.

Adverse weather conditions forced the cancellation of several flights and caused many delays in both arrivals and departures, which resulted in long queues in El Prat.

One of the most affected was Vueling, which issued different notices through social networks to warn its customers that its operations could be affected. The IAG airline, the undisputed leader in Barcelona, ​​assured that the majority of travelers were relocated to other flights.

As if this were not enough, a Wizz Air Airbus A321 covering the route between Madrid and Bucharest had to make an emergency landing in El Prat, blocking one of the runways once on the ground due to hydraulic problems.

“Operating with a single runway forces arrival traffic to Barcelona to be spaced out more than normal so that the controllers in the control tower have enough space to intersperse takeoffs between successive arrivals,” explain the controllers.

Source: Preferente



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