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China: unique opportunity to take share from Boeing and Airbus

China faces the challenge of taking market share from the two giants of world aviation, Boeing and Airbus. The Asian country’s manufacturer, Comac, began delivering the first units of the C919 months ago, the plane with which it aspires to compete with the successful A320 Neo and 737 Max (the C919 leaves China for the first time).

At the moment, the purchase agreements signed for the C919 are limited to Asian airlines, but Comac’s intention is for its new model to make an international leap. With this objective, it attended the Singapore aviation fair and made the first flights outside of China (The C919, rival of Boeing and Airbus, opens borders in China).

But let’s not fool ourselves. The possibilities that the new Chinese model can be incorporated into airline companies in Europe or the United States are more than remote, despite the fact that some executives, such as the CEO of Ryanair, have celebrated the increase in competition in the manufacturing business. of airplanes (Ryanair’s nod to the Chinese C919 that threatens the Boeing-Airbus duopoly).

However, what is certain is that the C919 has arrived at the ideal time to be able to make the leap outside of China, probably to other Asian countries where aviation is experiencing dizzying growth and whose companies are in need of aircraft. . Because? Mainly because Airbus and Boeing cannot cope: problems with the supply chain have forced them to slow down the production rate precisely when there is a very high volume of requests.

And not only that. Also working in its favor is the umpteenth crisis at Boeing, whose reputation has fallen to the ground as a result of the B737-9 Max incident that lost an emergency door in mid-flight. This event adds to the tragic 737 Max accidents, as well as other controversies in which the American manufacturer has been involved (A new Boeing 737-9 Max loses an emergency door in mid-flight).

However, Comac also has a task ahead of it if it wants to end the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing. Their pending issue is to accelerate the production rate since so far only a few units have left their factory. Its aim is to reach 150 annual deliveries of the C919, a goal that is light years away from (China, unable to manufacture the C919 that it claims to have sold).

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