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I do not think it is good to take seriously the hysterical climate that has been generated around the ‘masks’ case. I think that probably, in a few months, half of the things that are being said today will have been proven to be an exaggeration (Globalia doubled prices for transporting masks to the Balearic Islands).

However, there is something that seems evident to me, because it is common to what we have been seeing in the management of public affairs in Spain in recent decades: the business culture, the relations between the private sector and the public sector, are rotten.

Beyond this or that detail, beyond whether one episode or another is true or not, even beyond one protagonist or another, the recordings, the data, the statements and everything that can be read between the lines points to a perverse culture, inappropriate for a democracy and above all for a free market. The market, apparently, is freer for some than for others.

The forms and uses with which private companies, at least some that are always repeated, relate to public administrations, are not serious. They are even criminal. It is an obvious consequence of the style of the relationship. When one of the corrupt people whose tapes have been made known calls a politician, he answers but not the way he should, to tell him that he can’t do anything, that there are procedures to follow. No, he is willing to talk. Afterwards the judge must determine, but the problem is from the outset: there is nothing to talk about, just follow the rules.

Stories repeat themselves and elements in common with previous cases are repeated. And tourism and transportation are not the sectors in the worst situation, as far as we can imagine.

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