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Condor will decommission its Boeing 757s

The German holiday airline Condor has 11 Boeing 757-300s in its fleet. They are the most commonly used aircraft on routes from Germany to the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, transporting mainly tourists. But their time has come (Balearic Islands: avalanche of Germans during the winter period).

The retirement process for this fleet will end in 2025, when the company will have received all the new Airbus aircraft that replace the Boeing fleet. Crestone Air Partners has bought the planes that can probably still fly a little longer, but not on routes and countries where competition is as fierce as on European holiday routes.

You will have noticed that the German company abandons Boeing and goes with Airbus. The reason is quite simple, without needing to look at the image that the American manufacturer has: the true heir of the 757 is the Airbus 321, both in range – which it will even surpass in its long-haul version – and in passenger capacity. Therefore, anyone who wants an efficient aircraft comparable in concept to the 757 has no choice but to switch to the European manufacturer. But Boeing is no longer able to think about this segment of the market because it has more serious problems that affect its own existence.

In 2024, the German airline with the most striking livery will have completed the retirement of its fleet of Boeing 767s, which are already practically replaced with the Airbus 330 neo that have a similar concept. However, in this case there is an alternative in Boeing, which Condor rejected.

Source: Preferente



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