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Controller who allowed two planes on a runway suspended

The air traffic controller at the Mumbai tower in India, responsible for two planes sharing the runway while taking off and landing at high speed, has been suspended from his duties by the Indian air authorities. The case is being investigated in detail.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India reported its decision, following the risk of an accident involving two planes, both Airbus 320s, one from IndiGo (landing) and the other from Air India, being just 520 meters apart on the same runway.

Images of the incident were recorded and became viral, given the high risk of the operation. Civil Aviation considers the case as an incident in which it is not possible to explain how the IndiGo plane was authorized to land, while the Air India plane was still initiating the brokerage for takeoff.

Air India confirmed to the media that its plane had permission to occupy the runway and take off.

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