Ryanair is once again involved in controversy and this time the low-cost airline is doing it again for its cabin luggage policy. A young woman in a wheelchair denounces that the company of Irish origin He left her on the ground at the last moment shortly before the plane that was to take her from Seville to the Italian city of Milan took off.

“They played with me,” comments the disabled girl through her social networks. To which she adds: “I’ve been at the airport since this morning. At 4:30 p.m. I flew to Milan. I go in an electric wheelchairand I have asked many times if there was a problem with the chair.” The young woman argues that the low-cost airline told her that there would be no problem.

“They measured the chair and it had the correct measurements. They put me on the flight and when I am inside, they tell me that the chair does not have the correct measurements and that it cannot fly,” says the affected traveler. In this sense, The company chaired by Michael O’Leary gave him two options: “That I wouldn’t fly or that I would fly and ruin the joystick of the chair, without anyone being able to guarantee me if they would be able to fix it in Italy.” In the end, she chose to stay on land.

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The low-cost airline’s version of what happened

Ryanair has contacted the media to clarify what happened and sincerely regrets not having been able to accommodate this passenger on this flight from Seville to Milan on Friday, January 26, as her electric wheelchair exceeded the permitted dimensions for wheelchairs (81cms x 119cms x 119cms).

To all this he adds that this passenger made her flight reservation on December 17 and requested transportation of her electric wheelchair on January 25 (the day before her flight), but did not provide the required information for the transportation of your wheelchair (brand, weight, battery type, dimensions). That same day (January 25), at 7:00 p.m., the passenger was sent an email asking her to fill out an “electric mobility device charging form” to confirm her wheelchair details. .

It specified that this passenger’s electric wheelchair had to comply with specific restrictions battery, dimensions and weight to be accepted on your flight. He did not respond to this email request. If this passenger had responded to Ryanair’s request that she provide the dimensions of her wheelchair, she would have been informed that her wheelchair would not be accepted for carriage.

This passenger was offered a free transfer on the next available Ryanair flight, provided she traveled without her electric wheelchair, which did not meet safety guidelines. Unfortunately, she decided not to. Ryanair too has fully refunded the amount of the tickets to this passenger plane tickets not used by her and her companions.

Ryanair’s wheelchair travel policy

Having a cast, using crutches or moving around in a wheelchair does not mean that we cannot take a plane. Airlines provide all kinds of services to their customers so that they can fly comfortably and with the necessary help. The Ryanair website specifies that Traveling with wheelchairs and mobility scooters is allowed.

Specifically, it details the following: “To add mobility equipment while booking your flight, select online that you travel with an electric wheelchair/scooter and you will receive an email asking for the details of your mobility device.

“You can also add mobility equipment through the following online form or by contacting our special assistance team,” specifies the Dublin-based airline. Furthermore, between the information required by the companymust be specified in advance:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Battery Type
  • Dimensions, including minimum folded height of the wheelchair

Added to all this are some tips regarding mobility equipment, among which are:

  • ​Due to space limitations, We can only accept two electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters per flightso we recommend adding the equipment at the time of booking.
  • Passengers are asked to bring the operating instructions to the airport.
  • For safety reasons, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters must meet the following standards to be accepted for transportation.

Dimensions and weight limit

  • The dimensions The height of the wheelchair when folded cannot exceed 81 cm (height), 119 cm (width) and 119 cm (depth). Size restrictions for mobility wheelchairs/scooters are due to the maximum aircraft door opening dimensions.
  • Wheelchairs or mobility scooters that weigh more than 150kg They require prior authorization and will not be accepted for transportation without said authorization.


  • Battery power must be isolated and protect exposed terminals from short circuit. To prevent the wheelchair or mobility device from being activated inadvertently, remove the key and deactivate it by using the joystick, isolation switch or buttons, or another isolation mechanism (such as Anderson or AirSafe connectors).
  • We only accept batteries (wheelchair) dry/gel or lithium-ion (lithium-ion batteries cannot exceed a total of 300 watts) for a device powered by two batteries; each battery must not exceed 160 Wh.
  • The passengers can be carried in luggage carry a maximum of two spare lithium-ion batteries, which must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. Battery terminals must be insulated from metal objects (including other battery terminals).

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