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Delta puts a second plane on the eclipse, due to high demand

It is not going to change its 2024 results for this second flight, but Delta, given the demand, has put another plane to fly during the day in complete darkness generated by the total solar eclipse that will take place in the central eastern United States on next April 8 (Delta offers a flight that will operate during the day but in the dark).

This second flight will depart from Dallas (not Austin) and connect with Detroit, like the first. Also the entirety of this second flight, if there are no developments with the control, will be done in the darkness created by the eclipse.

This second flight will depart at 12:30 in the morning and land at 4:20 p.m. The flight will have the number 1010, different from the other which will be 1218 and whose seats have been sold out.

The already announced flight will operate on an A220, whose capacity is limited, while the new one will be on an Airbus A321neo, with 132 economy seats, 42 in Comfort and 20 in First Class.

The second will go on sale immediately and sales are expected to be a success as well. The company has not reported the price at which it lists the tickets nor details of what the prices have been like on the already sold out flight.

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