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Double discrimination against cabin crew: occupational health and gender

USO-Air sector returns to the fray to ensure non-discrimination of airline cabin crew personnel. In a meeting with the director of the ILO Office in Spain, Félix Peinado, the union has insisted on the problem regarding reduction coefficients for retirement (The TCPs urge Irene Montero to end historical discrimination) .

Its Secretary of Trade Union Action and Employment, Sara García, has revealed “double discrimination” in terms of occupational health and gender. Firstly, she equates the TCPs with the pilots, who do “have these reducing coefficients recognized due to the special hardship of their profession” (The cabin crew sue Irene Montero for discrimination).

It also refers to the fact that “there is a component of discrimination based on gender, taking into account the masculinization of the group of pilots and the feminization of those who were called ‘stewardesses’ at that time.” In fact, he points out that, currently, “70% of cabin crew are women.”

Regarding health, the representative of USO-Air Europe, Sadije Rexha Rexhepi, highlighted that, “in addition to the physical factors inherent to the grueling nature of the cabin crew profession, it is worth highlighting the impact of psychosocial factors on a highly feminized group related to the reconciliation of family and personal life, and the stress of demanding working conditions.”

Furthermore, it warns that “the increase in our risk has increased considerably after the pandemic,” referring to the increase in “problems with troublesome passengers,” which generates greater exposure to “aggressiveness or violence in a professional context with a high burden of responsibility, such as a flight.”

The union has been insisting on this for several years, and has not yet received a response from the administrations. “Five years ago, we started our claim with the Ministry of Labor and it has not yet begun to study the case. Nor has the Social Security nor the current Equality responded. For this reason, we have opted for the contentious-administrative appeal. And, at the international level, we will turn to the ILO while we explore other avenues,” concludes Sara García.

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