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EASA allows Pakistan’s PIA to return to Europe

It was May 22, 2020 and a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) A320 plane went down on its approach maneuver to Karachi airport. Most of the passengers died, although curiously a billionaire who was on board survived. The accident prompted Pakistan’s aviation authorities to look into the permits of the pilots and discovered not only that those on that plane did not have the required qualifications, but that practically the entire country was in an irregular situation.

Given the size of the scandal, Europe completely banned PIA flights over European airspace, including Great Britain, which maintains its integration into EASA.

Until now. At the initiative of the CAA, British civil aviation, PIA returns. The CAA and PIA have long-standing relationships and PIA retains a strong interest in flying to the UK. So EASA and CAA visited Pakistan and checked the measures that have been introduced to correct the disaster. The British expressed their agreement with what they saw, among other things the measures at Islamabad airport. The issued report practically gives the green light to PIA to fly to Europe again. Today PIA only has one international route, to Toronto, in Canada.

Now, PIA aims to introduce 22 weekly flights to the UK. In fact, he has already contacted catering companies in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Pakistan has also corrected its legislation to make flights comply with the rules. Paris is probably the next destination.

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