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Easyjet also considers flying to Heathrow

Easyjet’s business model is not exactly the same as Ryanair’s. Maybe at the beginning it was, but today it has evolved and is very aimed at the businessman, who usually flies between the important cities of Europe. It also has a very vacation product, to Malaga, Alicante or Ibiza, for example, but in its case, the two things coexist (Easyjet opens a base in its country after more than ten years).

Easyjet already flies to several urban airports that are very expensive, such as Schiphol, in Amsterdam, where Ryanair never lands; or to Charles de Gaulle, in Paris, which is the quintessential ‘legacy’ airport. For the orange airline, it is worth operating to expensive airports because it has a customer that values ​​it and that it wants to serve, even though it does not have business class on its planes.

That’s why Johan Lundgren told Skift, the American tourism and transportation publication, that he will consider flying to London Heathrow, which is one of the most expensive terminals in Europe, as long as some criteria are met. Of course, it will not be to fly to Antalya, but to Berlin or Madrid.

The manager explains that his model contemplates flying to large hubs. And he adds that “if the conditions are met, we would set up a base, not with one or two planes but with a larger one.”

The reason why this is not going to happen soon is that a slot at Heathrow is very expensive. The last one that was sold, before the pandemic, bought by the Oman airline, was paid for 75 million euros, a figure that Easyjet would probably not be willing to pay. It could happen, however, that it would obtain slots in the periodic distributions made to those lost by airlines that withdraw. From now on, Vueling, a low cost company, operates to Heathrow, because its product is a little more sophisticated than Ryanair’s.

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