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El Prat will grow in the long radius, ignoring its possible expansion

The airport will grow in the number of intercontinental flights in the coming years. The Air Route Development Committee (CDRA), which includes Aena and the Generalitat, among other actors, is advancing a new plan that will allow for the incorporation of new connections and the addition of more frequencies to recover 2019 levels. (The expansion of El Prat, key to growing at an intercontinental level)

According to La Vanguardia, before the pandemic, the Catalan airport served 8.73 million long-haul passengers directly and indirectly, one million more than last year (7.6 million) despite the strong recovery of tourism. The forecasts say that these figures will not be returned until 2025, so the members of the Committee want to shorten the deadlines. (El Prat resurfaces: passenger boom and long-haul record)

In this sense, there are a total of 40 destinations that would be within this increase in capacity for 2024 and 2025, among which Shanghai, Hong Kong, Lima, Delhi and Tokyo are considered priorities. As for the rest, they have not yet emerged, but they assure that there will be news soon.

All these movements will be carried out without taking into account a possible expansion of the airport in the short term. The secretary of mobility and infrastructure of the Department of Territory, Marc Sanglas, has pointed out that “the current infrastructure supports this strategic route plan.”

In this regard, he considers that the debate is not about “expansion yes or expansion no”, but rather about the “improvement of El Prat”, and “there are many parameters to take into account.” As Preferente has been publishing, the process of improving the facilities at the Catalan airport is still stalled. At the moment, it is in the study phase in the technical commission, and there will not be a solution, at least, until the end of the year.

Source: Preferente



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