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Europe bans airline from flying due to Russian ties

Turkish airline Southwind has been banned from European airspace due to its links with Russia, according to Istanbul press reports. Southwind, born after the invasion of Ukraine, flies to several destinations in Russia (Russia circumvents the Western veto: this is how it obtains spare parts from Boeing and Airbus).

The company had applied to fly to Helsinki from its base in Turkey, but Finland denied permission because it claims it is virtually Russian-owned. “Our information tells us that the Turkish citizens and companies listed as owners do not have significant stakes in Southwind Airlines,” said the head of the Finnish aviation authority, Jarkko Saarimaki. “We have come to the conclusion that the company is Russian and responds to Russia,” he added.

After the Helsinki pronouncement, Brussels prohibited the company from flying over European airspace, which will force it to suspend the flights it had with several German airports. The company had planned to start operations in Zurich, but will not be able to do so because flying over European airspace is prohibited and Switzerland is surrounded by it.

Source: Preferente



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