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France cries out against air traffic controllers

There are two major victims of the decades of endless strikes by French air traffic controllers: travelers from neighboring countries, particularly Great Britain, Ireland and Spain, and, on the other hand, the French themselves, accustomed to never knowing when they will not be able to fly. (Another strike of controllers in France, until June 7).

Now, with the Olympic Games approaching in Paris, France trembles under the constant threat of strikes that are currently affecting various airports, for the most unlikely reasons that are always solved with salary increases.

This week, the entire tourism sector, both the Seto (tourism business association), the EdV (travel company association) and the FNAM (Federation of Aviation and Trades), fed up with the constant chaos, published an open letter asking to stop the “untimely strikes causing massive flight cancellations and delays.”

The letter states that “the consequences of the current recurring strike movements seem disproportionate for both passengers and companies, while the airline and tourism sectors are weakened by the biggest crisis in their history.”

The authorities are urged to take measures and respect in all cases minimum services of 50 percent of flights and with “a compensation mechanism for the costs borne by professionals in the sector.”

Because it is important to remember that airline delays give rise to compensation, but these stoppages do not generate compensation. The letter, as you see, does not ask that these reach travelers.

Source: Preferente



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