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Global’s first A380 flies, after years parked

Everyone knows about the very strange initiative of a new British airline, Global Airlines, which will fly only with A380s, the same ones that most companies have ruled out for the future. Well, the first plane of this airline, which has been in the Mojave Desert in the United States since the end of 2022, has flown again, which is not a simple matter (Global incorporates its first A380).

It is the first that is in the hands of Global and that still does not have a date to operate commercially. Recovering the mobility of an aircraft of this type is not an easy matter. It had been owned by China Southern, which received it from Airbus in September 2012 with the registration B-6140. It has now flown with the registration 9H (Malta) GLOBL. Getting this A380 back to normal took almost a year, for example changing the 22 wheels of the device. For all this, Global hired the Portuguese company Hi Fly, which left the plane operational.

James Asquith, the company’s CEO, posted some photos of staff in uniforms, remembering the milestone of the plane flying for the first time after so long out of use.

Global, for the moment, is spending a lot of money but, at least, it has taken over the planes at little cost since they were out of use.

Source: Preferente



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