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Great Britain: from June, you will be able to fly with two liters of liquids

British airports are implementing high-tech X-rays that will make boarding a plane much simpler from next June. From that date, all travelers will be able to board the aircraft with up to two liters of liquids in hand luggage and cosmetics or deodorants will no longer be required to be put in transparent bags. (The end of the limit on liquids for flying on an airplane is approaching)

Travelers will also not have to remove their computers, tablets or phones from luggage during security checks. (The scanner arrives and allows liquids to board the plane)

The difference is that now, say the technicians, security personnel will be able to see the hand luggage in three dimensions and not, as until now, only in two. This, they say, will reduce queues and, above all, improve the passenger experience.

However, there is still some time before all airports in the world can allow security controls to return to the previous situation, given that this equipment has a very high cost.

Controls like the ones we have today were introduced after an incident in the United States when a passenger allegedly set up an explosive device in the bathrooms but was discovered by another traveler.

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