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Hailstorm destroys six A380s that Lufthansa agreed to sell to Airbus

Lufthansa will receive much less money than agreed for the sale of six A380s to Airbus. As revealed by On The Wings, the manufacturer will pay a total of 269 million euros (44.8 per unit) for the German group’s six planes, all of which are no longer in use, instead of the 315 million originally agreed upon. That is, its price drops by 46 million (Lufthansa rescues another A380 from Teruel after 3 years of disuse).

The reason for the reduction is curious to say the least. An intense hailstorm has caused significant damage to the aircraft, which has led both companies to renegotiate the conditions of the contract (Lufthansa permanently retires another of its A380s in Teruel).

Currently, of these six A380s, five are stored at Teruel airport, while the other is in Tarbes, Lourdes. All of them will be dismantled to reuse their parts. At the time they were retired, back in 2020 coinciding with the pandemic, they had an average tenure of nine years.

Source: Preferente



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