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Hand luggage: they call for mass reporting against low cost airlines

Facua continues its attacks on Ryanair, Easyjet, Volotea and Vueling after the historic sanction announced by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. During the official presentation of the new national platform of those affected, the general secretary of the association, Rubén Sánchez, has called on consumers to launch a massive claim (Spain’s historic fine against Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling and Volotea).

“It is key that there are massive demands to pressure the airlines to eliminate their controversial conditions. If thousands of consumers take action against airlines, the sector may be forced to eradicate its practice of charging extra for carry-on luggage,” he noted.

To do this, it urges the use of the recently launched mechanism, which will provide “information and instruments so that they can present the claim.” It is worth remembering that they can do so free of charge, since “for amounts less than 2,000 euros it is not mandatory to go to a lawyer or solicitor” (Hand luggage: platform to claim the money back).

Regarding the Ministry’s punishment, Sánchez has criticized that “what the sector has done in recent years is happily flouting the law due to the lack of sanctions.” He recalled that “traveling with hand luggage is already a right recognized by the air navigation law”, which is why “users are being condemned to suffer denigration”.

He has also responded to what he considers a “threat” from the airlines. “They say that passengers are going to be harmed by a price increase,” a movement about which “we will be attentive to file new complaints.”

In this sense, he warned that “they boast of charging less to those who do not carry luggage, but it is false. They actually charge them more, because they charge extra charges for traveling with carry-on suitcases.” It is a strategy that has allowed them to “brutally raise rates in recent years.”

With all this, he does not expect the Consumer sanction to be final for “several years.” The Facua representative believes that they will appeal “first to the Ministry, then to the Contentious-Administrative Court in the National Court, and then to the Supreme Court.” But he has warned that they can “continue breaking the rules at this time”, so “we must be attentive and complain.”

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