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Hidalgo stands up to the mask investigation commission

The former CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo, has stood up to the Balearic Parliament commission investigating the mask case. The businessman, summoned at 10:30 this Monday, June 3, has not appeared. Furthermore, they have tried to contact him on up to seven occasions, without success, despite the fact that Air Europa’s headquarters are in Mallorca (The Balearic Parliament did not locate Hidalgo to declare: “We do not know if he is in Botswana”).

Ábalos’ former advisor and alleged ringleader of the Ministry of Transport’s corrupt plot, Koldo García Izaguirre, who had been summoned at 10:00, has also not attended.

The commission aims to clarify why Francina Armengol’s Government disbursed millions of euros to the Koldo scheme for medical supplies that turned out to be defective. Air Europa was responsible for its transportation, which, as revealed Preferentialeven doubled market prices to transport masks from China to Spain (Globalia doubled prices to transport masks to the Balearic Islands).

The information on this extra cost appeared in a report from the Balearic Islands Anti-Corruption Office. However, the Armengol Government, involved in the plot of the Koldo case, put it in a drawer.

The Hidalgo family airline was the one that made the most trips to transport medical supplies to the Balearic Islands. For the 11 trips carried out, it invoiced the regional government 4.3 million, which gives an average per operation of 390,000 euros, far from the 188,000 euros of the average real cost calculated by the auditors of the Anti-Corruption Office.

As advanced Preferential, Javier Hidalgo follows the Begoña case far from Madrid, in Botswana. He went to live in southern Africa shortly after the controversial issue of the Air Europa rescue broke out, investigated by judge Juan Carlos Peinado (Javier Hidalgo, isolated in Botswana).

Source: Preferente



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