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Hidalgo: “Whoever owns Air Europa, let them walk”

The president of Globalia and founder of Air Europa, Juan José Hidalgo, participated yesterday in a massive event organized by the tourism group to welcome a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and present the new Globalia maintenance hangar in the Madrid-Barajas airport. A moment that coincides with the purchasing process of the airline by the IAG group – to which Iberia belongs -, to which Hidalgo did not want to refer, as he acknowledged, but defended that “no matter what happens, Air Europa has a life of its own, it just needs to be allowed to walk as it is laid out.” ”.

“I don’t know what will happen in six months, eight, 12, 16, 18 or two years… I don’t know who is going to be the shareholder responsibleof Air Europa, but whoever it is, no matter what happens, Air Europa has a life of its own, it just needs to be allowed to walk as it is planned,” said Hidalgo.

  • IAG delays its proposal for concessions in the purchase of Air Europa
  • IAG submits the acquisition of Air Europa to Brussels for approval

During his speech at the new Globalia hangar, Juan José Hidalgo said Air Europa is now a completely modernized company and that has achieved a high degree of effectiveness. “Just because we have more routes or more planes is not going to be more efficient,” she added. In fact, “today, With 50 planes, we transport more passengers than when we had 20 more. “That means we are much more efficient,” he said.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the airline “it has reached the optimal moment”since it closed 2023 with a ebitda (gross operating result) of 200 million euros and 120 million in cash“available for a capital increase or to have peace of mind,” he stated.

Juan José Hidalgo, this Wednesday after getting off the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The plane made a tour that flew over the city of Salamanca and ended again in Madrid so that the guests at the event could enjoy this new model. Source: Hostltur.

Face to 2024although a conservative budgetwas convinced that “they are going to earn much more” because there are positive factors that indicate this, such as the elimination of two small fleets, “it is always a greater inconvenience to have several fleets,” he explained; They will have eight more long-distance aircraft, they will grow on current routes and open new ones. In this way, “exercise has to be more positive,” he stated.

On the other hand, the president of Globalia recognized that has suffered a lot in recent years, when some press headlines highlighted that “we were worth one euro and that we were ruined.” Furthermore, he argued that Air Europa has not been a rescued company“they never gave us a euro. They gave us a cincome with high interestwhich we are fulfilling punctually”.

From left to right: Javier Marín, executive vice president of Aena; Juan José Hidalgo, president of Globalia; Peter Anderson, commercial director of AerCap, and Sergio Ramos, commercial and sales director for Europe and Israel of The Boeing Company, who also participated in the event. Fountain. Air Europe.

Strengthen fleet capacity

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was presented this Wednesday, through a route that flew over the city of Salamanca and ended again in Madrid, is one of the two planes that arrived in December and precedes the four that will be incorporated throughout This year the objective is to strengthen the capacity of the fleet and continue increasing the offer of routes and frequencies planned for 2024.

Since the arrival of this aircraft to the company in 2016, the Dreamliner fleet has transported more than 15.6 million passengers

Hidalgo highlighted that this plane has been fundamental in the airline business expansionas well as to consolidate its strategic role in the hub of Madrid-Barajas.

The Dreamliner is a very efficient model, it consumes 20% less fuel than similar aircraft, which allows its emissions to be reduced by another 20%. The design of the fuselage and its engines contributes to reducing the acoustic impact by 60% and shortening journeys by up to 40 minutes

The new hangar, a 10-year project

From Globalia they advance that their new maintenance building in Barajas, which has had a investment of more than 30 million euros and which is expected to enter service in March, will become a center of excellence technical for the airline.

Juan José Hidalgo, during his speech at the new Globalia hangar. Source: Hosteltur.

Hidalgo referred to the difficulties who have crossed the path of the construction of this building, a project that was launched 10 years ago, since the bankruptcy of the company that began building it until the pandemic.

Once these inconveniences have been overcome, “today we can boast that here we are going to repair all our 787. This hangar is primarily intended to maintain the 787 fleet. We are 25 and we will be 30 this year. “Also, there are many 787s in Europe, but there are few maintenance areas for these aircraft.”

The facilities are 140 meters long and 23 meters high inside in a completely open space, which will accommodate up to three wide-body aircraft, such as the Dreamliner, or up to six narrow-body aircraft, such as the 737.

In total, it occupies an area of ​​more than 22,400 square meters and a surface area for maintenance tasks of 11,130 square meters. 115 professionals will work in these facilities this year, but it is expected that the workforce will increase gradually until reaching 180 employees in 2025.

Source: Hosteltur



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