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Hundreds of cancellations due to strike at Austrian Airlines

The Lufthansa group does not gain from disagreements with the workers. Now the Austrian subsidiary, Austrian Airlines, has had to cancel about 400 flights because this Thursday and Friday its workers went on strike asking for salary increases.

About 50,000 people were affected, precisely at a time of year when travelers take advantage of the festive weekend to travel.

The German group presented its financial results for last year a few days ago and in them the management recognized million-dollar losses due to the strikes that until now mainly affected the parent company, Lufthansa, both in its ground personnel and previously in cabin personnel.

As in these cases, Austrian has contacted the passengers and offered them to reschedule the flights at no cost or, if this is not possible, a full refund of the ticket. The company confirmed that some 380 flights could not be operated, although there could be a few more because a conflict of this type usually generates problems derived from the repositioning of both the fleet and the staff.

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