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IAG delays its proposal for concessions in the purchase of Air Europa

International Airlines Group (IAG), the holding company Spanish-British group to which Iberia belongs, has decided to give itself more time to present to the European Comission (EC) its proposal for ‘remedies’ (concessions) for the purchase of Air Europa. It plans to complete the process in the so-called phase 2, which will start on January 25.

IAG You will not present your proposal in phase 1which began on December 11 with the notification to the EC of the acquisition of Air Europa and ends tomorrow, January 17, but in the 2nd, in which Brussels has longer deadlines to rule on the operation, as reported this Tuesday by the airline group, made up of British Airways, Vueling, Aer Lingus and Level, in addition to Iberia.

  • IAG submits the acquisition of Air Europa to Brussels for approval

He CEO of IAGLuis Gallego, pointed out this Tuesday that since the group announced the agreement with Air Europa it has worked closely with the aforementioned European organization.

Source: Hosteltur.

In its conversations with the Commission, IAG has opted “to present a ambitious and broad proposal of conditions“and has conveyed to the Community Executive its decision to formally present its conditions in phase 2.

Meanwhile, the airline continues to hold talks with potential interested parties to ensure that they meet the EC requirements, Gallego explained.

“From IAG We continue working to close this operation throughout this yearas soon as possible, with the aim of transferring the benefits to consumers and the Spanish economy, and increasing the competitiveness of Madrid with respect to other European hubs,” he added.

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Source: Hosteltur



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