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IATA: a large database against air turbulence

The death of a traveler on board a Singapore Airlines plane due to severe air turbulence has provoked two reactions on the part of the airlines: the first, unimaginative and which will not have much future, is an increase in those demanding that Travelers should wear their seat belts fastened for most of the flight (Tragedy on a flight from London to Singapore due to extreme turbulence).

Although many media outlets have reported on this new policy, only Singapore Airlines has said that it will be more demanding with the use of seat belts, but no one has evidence of a formal change to this rule, which is difficult to enforce for obvious reasons.

The second is much more serious and the ‘big ones’ are joining it: an artificial intelligence platform that processes all available data so that information is available from airplanes. The platform is promoted by IATA, the great airline lobby, and is now called “Turbulence Aware”.

To do this, software must be introduced into airplanes that automatically shares and disseminates information. Lufthansa Systems, a subsidiary of the German group, is the promoter of this work. It is also complemented by the Lido mPilot platform, which offers information in real time.” Emirates, for example, has just joined it.

Thousands of aircraft provide real-time information that enters the platform and is available for subsequent flights.

As an objection, it must be remembered that in the case of Singapore, the event took place in an area in which all pilots know of the frequent existence of turbulence, but due to its spatial distribution, it is not always completely avoidable.

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