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Iberia-Air Europa: Brussels postpones its decision until August 20

The European Commission has updated the deadline for making a decision on Iberia’s purchase of Air Europa. As confirmed by Preferential sources from the Spanish company, it has been established on August 20, more than a month after the previously set date (July 15) (Iberia promises more transfers to be able to buy Air Europa).

In addition, there is the possibility that new “stop the clock” or other deadline extensions could occur, so that date could vary.

The reason for this extension of the deadline is the presentation to the European Commission of a new improved proposal by IAG. Yesterday, Monday, June 10, he delivered a new package of remedies “with some adjustments compared to the previous one.”

“It includes improvements arising from the constructive dialogue that we have been maintaining with the European Commission with the aim that the purchase of Air Europa is carried out with all the guarantees for consumers,” explained sources from the Spanish company.

The same sources revealed that the presentation of said improved proposal “represents an automatic extension of 15 working days of the deadline for the final decision on the operation.” “Additionally, we have agreed with the Commission to extend the deadline by another 10 business days to give more time to study the remedies,” they added.

Therefore, the EU Directorate General for Competition will have two months to decide whether or not to authorize what would be the most relevant operation in the history of Spanish aviation. Iberia has committed to handing over more than 40% of Air Europa’s operations to competition, having already preselected six airlines as possible remedy takers: Avianca, Binter, Iberojet, Ryanair, Volotea and World2Fly (Iberia-Air Europa: coming out the light the six airlines chosen by IAG).

Source: Preferente



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