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Iberia, convinced that it will have the green light to buy Air Europa

International Airlines Group (IAG) responds to information about the alleged opposition of the General Directorate of Competition of the European Union to the integration of Air Europa into Iberia (Iberia-Air Europa: possible veto if there are no more transfers).

From the airline holding company led by Luis Gallego, they explain that “we are aware of the rigor of the European Commission’s scrutiny and we anticipate that it may have objections to this proposal at first.” However, they are “convinced that we will be able to resolve these concerns in the remainder of the process” (Iberia-Air Europa: this is how the analysis of the European Union is going).

They also confirm that “last week we presented remedies to the European Commission”, thus anticipating “the official deadlines that did not require them to be presented for two months.” “Our proposal for remedies is very ambitious, responds to the concerns indicated by the Commission and guarantees the entry of new competition on a large number of routes,” they highlight.

Iberia’s parent company insists that “this operation is positive for Iberia and IAG, and for Air Europa.” “In addition, thanks to it, Spain will be better connected. This operation increases connectivity and competition, it does not reduce it,” he continues.

Along these lines, he warns that “it would be a detriment for Spain not to achieve at the Madrid-Barajas airport the same conditions enjoyed by other hubs in France, Germany or Holland.”

Source: Preferente



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