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Koldo case: Air Europa denies payment of illegal commissions

Globalia, the group that owns Air Europa, denies that it made payments to the commission agent of the corrupt network of the Ministry of Transport (the so-called Koldo case), Víctor de Aldama, to obtain the award of nearly a dozen contracts to bring medical supplies from China. during the pandemic (Koldo’s network did business with Globalia).

The Hidalgo family group, which does admit that it hired De Aldama’s company, defends in statements to Europa Press that the operations carried out were carried out “within a normal channel of negotiation at market price and without payments being made.” commissions of any kind.” Likewise, he states that the figure of the external advisor “is very common in the business world” (Air Europa’s commissions to Aldama in the middle of the rescue).

However, as El Confidencial has uncovered, the transfers from Globalia to MTM 180 Capital SL, a company used by the Koldo case network, appear in the complaint filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office before the National Court and were detected by the National Organization of Anti-Fraud Investigation (ONIF) of the Tax Agency.

Globalia also denies that it enjoyed favorable treatment with the rescue of 475 million euros from the State Industrial Participation Company (SEPI). The group, which was the first to obtain state aid, highlights that it complied with “all the legal and administrative requirements of any other rescue given by SEPI in that period.”

“We were a company in the tourism sector that had its planes stopped, so we were totally susceptible to receiving that loan,” he says.

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