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Koldo Case: Javier Hidalgo, with Víctor de Aldama on a trip to Mexico

It is confirmed that one of the alleged ringleaders of the “Koldo case” had a direct relationship with the Globalia leadership. In January 2019, the former governor of Oaxaca (Mexico), Alejandro Murat, published some images of Javier Hidalgo’s visit to the region to, supposedly, establish an alliance in favor of connectivity. In them, the former CEO of Air Europa’s parent company was accompanied by Víctor de Aldama (The Koldo network did business with Globalia).

“I meet in Huatulco with the CEO Javier Hidalgo, of Air Europa, Daniel Araf, Pdte. by Armar Capital and Víctor Aldama, Pdte. from Grupo Vivir, to take a tour of the airport facilities,” the politician noted on his social networks.

This photo took place only three weeks after the meeting between the former Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, and the governor himself. Koldo García and the president of Zamora CF were also present at that meeting, both accused of sharing commissions after the awarding of irregular contracts to the company Soluciones de Gestión to acquire masks during the worst of the pandemic.

As published Preferential According to the information published by the newspaper The Objective, said meeting with Ábalos was the starting point of the business between García and Aldama. In fact, the second ended up receiving 6.7 million after signing the aforementioned contracts, which he diverted to Luxembourg through the company MTM 180 Capital, which also received injections from Globalia (Air Europa’s commissions to Aldama in full rescue ).

And this does not end here. A month later, in February, Aldama visited the Oaxaca region again, this time within the Government delegation that accompanied José Luis Ábalos, of course with the presence of Koldo García as well. “I coincided on a trip because he had relations with the Mexican authorities,” confirmed the PSOE member.

But the most curious thing remains that Aldama had direct participation in the negotiations for the state rescue of 475 million of the Hidalgo airline. The former Minister of Transport himself has confirmed this, pointing out that he had a meeting with him “with the Air Europa crisis.”

Another point that confirms the relationship between Aldama and Globalia is that Air Europa was the official sponsor of Zamora CF, the club he presided over. At the moment, the airline continues without commenting on what Víctor de Aldama’s work was.

Source: Preferente



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