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Koldo case: they ask the judge to call Javier Hidalgo to testify

They present an appeal to the National Court so that the judge investigating the cause of the Koldo case calls the former CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo, to testify. The petition, promoted by the Liberum association, has been admitted for processing by the instructor, although the Public Ministry’s pronouncement remains to be known, reports La Razón. (Air Europa: the relationship between Hidalgo, Aldama and Begoña is left out of the ‘Koldo case’).

The popular accusation understands that “there are sufficient indications” that the parent company of Air Europa “was aware of the facts under investigation, since it was hired by the company in the plot, Management Solutions and Business Support.

In addition, it refers to Javier Hidalgo’s relationship with Víctor de Aldama, a commission agent investigated in the judicial procedure for being one of the alleged ringleaders of the corrupt plot of the Ministry of Transportation.

In its letter, Liberum also requests that Leticia Lauffer, CEO of Wakalua, a Globalia company that sponsored the Africa Center with 40,000 euros, directed by Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez, be called to testify (Globalia: this is how it reduced its payments to Africa Center after the departure of Begoña).

Judge Ismael Moreno, in charge of the case, refused on May 13 to summon both Hidalgo and Lauffer to testify as witnesses. He then argued that prior proceedings should be “only essential and cannot be used for other purposes.”

“Since the fact that he may have had a relationship with the investigated Mr. Víctor Gonzalo de Aldama does not imply his relationship with the events under investigation nor his relationship with Mr. Hidalgo, especially taking into account that the Wuakalua Hub company is dedicated to the tourism sector and that, from what has been done to date, there is no relationship with the events under investigation, it is not appropriate to grant the request for his testimonial statement,” he explained.

Source: Preferente



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