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Koldo, on Delcygate in Barajas: “I don’t want to talk even dead”

Koldo García, the alleged ringleader of the corrupt plot that colonized the Ministry of Transportation during the pandemic, speaks in statements to El Mundo about the mysterious meeting held at the beginning of 2020 at the Barajas airport by the then minister, José Luis Ábalos, and the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez (Air Europa intermediary, trunk of Maduro’s second).

As is already known, Ábalos received Delcy, who was prohibited from entering EU territory due to the sanctions in force since 2018. He did so together with Koldo and presumably Víctor de Aldama, the latter Air Europa intermediary who was hired to recover the 200 million that the Government of Nicolás Maduro owed to the owners of the airline (Air Europa, on the suitcases from Venezuela: “There was nothing for us”).

The plane that transported the vice president of Venezuela unloaded about 40 suitcases in Barajas, according to eyewitnesses. Their content is unknown because, as they are diplomatic bags, they do not have to pass any security check. However, it was rumored that the money could go towards paying off the debt with Air Europa, a version denied by the company itself.

Asked about this issue, Koldo limits himself to saying that “I don’t even want to talk about what happened that night, but I can say that Ábalos did what he had to do to save many Spanish companies in Venezuela and none were left behind.” suitcase or did anything illegal.”

He claims that he saw with his own eyes how “six large suitcases and six small suitcases were unloaded and then put back on the plane.” “If they had gold they would have had to transport it with a trailer or four trucks,” she points out.

Koldo takes advantage of the interview to praise the figure of the then Minister of Transport: “Sometimes a person who is in the Government has to make decisions and Ábalos is as Spaniard as the top of a pine tree. That day I slept little but I would do it again for the good of all Spaniards.”

Likewise, he asks for forgiveness “if I have caused him any harm because there is no one with the honor and dignity that he has.” “He’s the fucking master,” he says.

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