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Lufthansa supports the integration of Air Europa into Iberia

Lufthansa breaks a spear in favor of the integration of Air Europa into Iberia, which only depends on the ruling of the Directorate General of Competition of the European Union, which is currently analyzing the proposed remedies presented by International Airlines Group (IAG) ( Iberia-Air Europa: the EU opinion will have to wait).

In an interview given to La Vanguardia, the CEO of the German airline group, Carsten Spohr, defends both his operation with ITA Airways, which is in the final phase, and that of its Spanish rivals. He points out in this regard that “more and more politicians realize that we need airline consolidation for two reasons” (Purchase of Ita by Lufthansa: the ‘remedies’ do not convince the EU).

The manager argues that “countries like Italy or Spain need their own airline to be connected to the world as large economies.” Likewise, he emphasizes that “big players like our friends at IAG or ourselves need to grow inorganically to keep up with the big operators in the United States and in the future of China.”

For Spohr, “consolidation is the only way to keep Europe well connected.” “We do not want a Europe that cannot connect by its own means,” he says.

Both Lufthansa and Iberia are currently immersed in negotiations with the European authorities, which in both cases seem to have demanded more than initially expected to approve the purchases of ITA Airways and Air Europa, respectively.

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