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Lufthansa: three-day strike starting today in Germany

Germany’s main airports will be without most of their air services from today, Wednesday, until Friday inclusive, due to a strike by Lufthansa ground staff (Wild strike at Lufthansa: one hundred thousand travelers are grounded).

The strike is a continuation of the conflict that already saw eight first-level German airports paralyzed on February 20. However, that mobilization did not bring closer positions between the Verdi union and the company, so another protest was called again.

Lufthansa says that since that strike it has made a new offer that has obviously not been accepted. Michael Niggemann, the company’s head of human resources, explained that the proposal involved a bonus of 3,000 euros for all workers as compensation for inflation, plus advancing the salary increases offered.

For Verdi, the offer is insufficient and he requests either an increase of 500 euros per month for all workers, linearly, or 12.5 percent.

The next round of talks will take place in two weeks. The climate of negotiations is very deteriorated. And, furthermore, it coincides with other labor conflicts, some of them in Lufthansa itself.

The latest strike fundamentally affected all major airports in Germany, especially the two largest, Frankfurt and Munich. On the other hand, very small airports, where low-cost companies such as Ryanair or Wizz Air usually fly, maintain their services because they are not served by Lufthansa.

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