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New York: a hologram talks to the traveler at the airport

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in New York. Terminal 4. The first virtual human being, a hologram, has just been launched there, which talks to travelers. His name is Proto, he works 24 hours a day, he doesn’t go on strike, he doesn’t demand the right to a sandwich, he doesn’t rest, and on top of that he tells the client what the client wants to hear, regardless of whether it is true or not, which he doesn’t care about.

Proto is the size of a normal person and smiles almost all the time. He has all the information provided by artificial intelligence and interacts with travelers seamlessly, in real time.

The creators of Proto confirm that travelers are subjugated by the terminal employee. The creator and owner of the patent is a Los Angeles company. Proto had been used experimentally before at several New York tourist spots.

However, to make the experience completely believable, there are still some glass and side walls that give the feeling that Proto is locked in a kind of cage, which is still technically necessary. Likewise, he will never dare to accompany the traveler to the exit, nor will he take the suitcase, which still differentiates him from the humble human.

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