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Nicolás Maduro’s blow to Iberia, Air Europa and Plus Ultra

The Government of Nicolás Maduro deals a hard blow to Spanish airlines operating in Venezuela. As you have been able to know Preferentialhas applied a 100% increase in the price of fuel that foreign airlines have to pay (Maduro celebrates the reinforcement of Iberia’s operations in Venezuela).

This measure, which according to experts consulted by this newspaper “contravenes the rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)” because it distorts the market, is a boost for Aerolíneas Estelar, the only Venezuelan company that currently connects Caracas with Madrid. . The reason is that you’ll pay less than half as much as your rivals to fill your tank, allowing you to be more aggressive on pricing.

The affected companies are Iberia, Air Europa and Plus Ultra, the only three Spanish companies that have the authorization required by the Maduro Government to operate in the country. The first two return between Madrid and Caracas five times a week, while Plus Ultra has four weekly frequencies.

Aerolíneas Estelar, for its part, only has one flight a week between both airports, although next May it will add a second. The Venezuelan airline resumed operations with Madrid last November and everything indicates that this controversial decision will allow it to gain market share.

Source: Preferente



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